Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War celebrates 4th anniversary with sweepstakes event, two tacticians, and a hellish new ship

Four years because the pirate plunderers and landlubbers set sail onto mobile, Pirates of the Caribbean: Trends of War is currently commemorating the game’& rsquo; s birthday with an exciting new update and lots of in-game rewards. Joycity’& rsquo; s seafaring real-time method many thanks gamers with the introduction of a new ship and 2 new Tacticians to make the defend best prominence over the seven seas much more exciting.

The Tier 19 ship is appropriately dubbed as the “& ldquo; Hell Hound & rdquo; – a scorching monstrosity that comes from the midsts of heck itself. The mayhem of your maritime ill fortunes proceeds with 2 added Tacticians, plus the first-ever Picture Frame personalization to help you make your mark and also prove your seaworthiness available. .