One Escape Review – “Robber Ducky and friends”

One Escape is a puzzle-platformer including three robbers that create a strategy to burglarize a bank. Something goes wrong during the heist and also they obtain caught, are secured limited in jail, as well as are now trying to find an escape. You require to locate the keycards, avoid the guards, as well as escape the prison while you still can.

You play as the three pet convicts and also button in between them as you want to play their specialist degrees. Dook is a duck that can climb via air-ducts, Gor is a gorilla that can climb up particular walls, and also Hog is a warthog who can punch boxes to relocate them around to accessibility greater areas. Each character needs to sneak via the room, staying clear of guards as well as security cams by hiding in the shadows, and relocate to the next objective up until you ultimately unlock the course to the departure. .