GrandChase adds SR 5 Star Hero Harpe to the mobile JRPG as a pre-registration reward

GrandChase, KOG games’ & rsquo; mobile RPG with over 100 heroes to gather, has just launched its most recent hero, Harpe. The sword-wielding Mage character uses Wraith Reaper to enforce the will of MyungHwarin with sustained AOE magic, dealing terrible strikes through the Flowerflies he summons. These dangerous summons focus on targets and also explode on impact.

The newest SR Hero comes as an incentive for GrandChase’& rsquo; s recurring pre-registration event. His magic swordsmanship allows him use the training he got from life and also the afterlife. He not just dishes out effective magic offensives to pound opponents with heavy firepower, however he additionally helps to raise the event’& rsquo; s overall damages. As he creates more Flowerflies, he additionally alleviates damages from foes. The personality additionally features the Soul Imprint upgrade system. .
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