Grand Summoners: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Godzilla collab

Whether he’& rsquo; s firing radioactive blue blasts from his mouth or instructing a large primate a lesson it won’& rsquo; t neglect, Godzilla continues to be to be king of the beasts for a factor. Now, Excellent Smile Firm’& rsquo; s epic anime RPG allows you rampage around with the king in its Grand Summoners x Godzilla partnership, where players can capture Godzilla himself on the extremely initial day of the occasion free of charge.

The Grand Summoners month-long crossover event jobs you to defend Raktehelm in an all-new story specifically for the collab. Merely by playing via the video game, you can rack up Kaiju Jewels to boost your very own Godzilla approximately Max Restriction Break as well as assert your reign of fear in pure beast trouble. Plus, playing daily makes you mobilize tickets that may simply land you the desirable Godzilla Planet – which boosts your celebration’& rsquo; s physical damage by a monstrous 50% – as well as King Ghidorah, Godzilla’& rsquo; s utmost nemesis that can reduce enemies’ & rsquo; magic resistance by 40% for 15 seconds. .
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